'BLOODSTONES' T-shirt - Black

from Vodun


Designed by Jacob V Joyce, a Non Binary Queer Alien Poet & Artist, for our BLOODSTONES tour and single. A very clever take on the syncretism of Vodun & Christianity by representing our Mother Mary as an African Woman, with her distinctive tribal markings.

Item has been removed while on tour and will be available at shows only. Remaining stock will be updated in November.

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Vodun UK

Amidst the rushing screams of Mother Earth; the pounding drums of Ouidah; the markets of Lomé and the open heart of Erzulie, there exists VODUN

Born of only 3 comes the embodiment of crushing noise intertwined with enrapturing harmonies... heavy, weird, soulful - yes, we are expectant of the abnormal and so should you be.

Come, walk with us… Walk with the VŌDŪN!
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